dr. Sik Attila

Director of ITD, professor of neuroscience

I am originally trained as a neuroscientist in Hungary and the US. I still run a Cellular Neuroscience laboratory at the Szentágothai Research Centre in Pécs. I have also obtained an MBA degree from the Warwick Business School (UK) in the field of leadership and creativity. I believe in continuous learning that I not only preach but also practice: I am about to finish my studies at the Institute of Directors (UK) to become a Chartered Director and start a master’s study in arts on Neuroaesthetics at the University of Birmingham. Learning new disciplines helps me creating links between various fields, discovering unusual analogy, and finding unconventional solutions to problems. I believe that multidisciplinary research is the foundation of the next scientific revolution and the next wave of innovation will emerge from the interface of science, arts and business.

+36 70 551 5252

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