Hello AIRIS 2020


Would you like to shape the future? Do you want to be involved in the next step change?

The next step change in healthcare is artificial intelligence and you can now be a part of it if you participate in a joint program of General Electric, LEITAT, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and EIT Health, where you can learn from pioneers in the field for several weeks.

What you can learn in Hello AIRIS program will be the first steps towards combining the two disciplines to create a modern, more sustainable health care system that can prevent and avert situations like the one currently prevailing in the world.

The course is online and completely free. There are a limited number of positions available, so apply in time in order not to be missed out!

Who can apply?
Medical, engineering, economics students and practicing medical experts

5th June, 2020

Application and more details: https://www.helloairis.com

Contact: Bencsik Péter (peter.bencsik@ge.com)


Sessions Planned date
1st live session 1st part Introduction of the whole program 15 June
2nd part Introduction of the 1st module
1st module Elearning content Introduction to AI + short exam/challenge/game 15th June – 29th June
2nd live session 1st part Reflection of the first module (ask questions, etc.) 29th June
2nd part Introduction of the 2nd module
2nd module e-Learning content KTH Sweden content (AI in practice) + homework “exam” 29th June – 27th July
3rd live session 1st part Reflection of the second module (ask questions, etc.) 27th July
2nd part Introduction of the 3rd module
3rd module e-Learning content TBD 27th July – 10th August
4th live session 1st part Reflection of the third module (ask questions, etc.) 10th August
2nd part Exam
3rd part Closing