Quantum biology course

Quantum biology: quantum phenomena in biological processes

Course description: Based on common scientific approach quantum phenomena are not relevant in biological processes. The living cell has relatively large dimensions, is filled with hydrated vibrating macromolecules, and follows the rules thermodynamics rather than quantum mechanics. Yet, besides attractive theories, experimental data also accumulate suggesting that living cells readily exploit quantum phenomena. Several biological processes require quantum biology approach for full understanding. These include photosynthesis, various enzyme activities, DNA mutation accumulation, avian magnetoreception, mammalian olfaction etc. During the course students get familiar with the quantum biology explanation of these biological processes.

Tematikák, oktatók, időpontok:

– Basic terms: Newtonian mechanics, thermodynamics, quantummechanics Dr. András Lukács (Medical School), 4th February 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Quantum biology of macromolecule structure, photosynthesis and respiration Dr. Krisztián Kvell (Pharmacy School), 18th February 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Quantum biology of enzymatic catalysis Dr. Szilárd Pál (Pharmacy School), 4th March 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Quantum biology of mutagenesis, evolution and avian magnetoreception Dr. Gyula Hoffmann (Science School), 18th March 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Quantum biology of olfaction Dr. Attila Sík (Medical School), 1st April 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Quantum biology of the conscious mind Spring / Easter Holidays Dr. István Ábrahám (Medical School), 29th April 2019 (Monday) 16:00

– Characteristics of quantum computers Gergely Dombi (Sonrisa Ltd, invited lecturer), 6th May 2019 (Monday)16:00

Course type: Elective course, 2 lectures per week (2 credits), in English Credit type: Campus-credit (available for pharmacy, medical, natural science students)

Planned number of students: min. 3 person, max. 50 person

Exam grade type: Grade based on written tests of semester

Recommended literature: Life on the edge: The coming of age of quantum biology

Johnjoe McFadden, Jim Al-Khalili

Broadway Books (2016) 368 pages

ISBN-13: 978-0307986825