"HUB Collaborations" Innovation Days in Pécs

November 19-20, 2018, the city of Pécs hosts an international event, envisioned and organized by several departments of the University of Pécs, to which partners from the Industrial Chamber of the “Young Spirit” initiative are joining, creating opportunities to found cross-border research, education and business relationships.

The event’s program plan (19th Nov, 2018)

The first day is targeting young researchers, PhD students and market organizations.

  • Plenary speaker: dr. Zoltán Birkner, President, National Office for Research, Development and Innovation;
  • Plenary speaker: dr. László Parragh, president of the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • Sharing UP Innovation Success stories;
  • The life cycles, pitfalls and successes of economic and knowledge-based cooperation initiatives will be presented by the speakers in the framework of the “Young Spirit” panel;
  • From SME’s to multinational organizations, Demola, having faced diverse IT, engineering, business, marketing, design and social challenges, shares the secret of success
  • During the evening dinner we create a thematic set up of table-companies for potential co-operating parties.

The event’s program plan (20th Nov, 2018)

The focus of the second day is on the previously achieved innovative successes and on the innovative thinking behind business success, especially in the field of healthcare.

What is the aim of the innovation day?

  • sharing the characteristics of innovation and entrepreneurial spirit through well-known practices;
  • providing inspirational forums for experienced and future start-uppers;
  • developing entrepreneurial attitudes and thinking through teamwork, mentoring processes and inspirational presentations;
  • gaining practical experience in developing health innovations;
  • co-thinking for solving everyday challenges with potentially significant social impact;
  • to relax in an inspiring and great atmosphere.

In parallel with the presentations, we offer an opportunity to learn about a novel competitive element (Hackathon), where young professionals have to work on a current health problem using the “ideation” methodology.

During the day, participants may take part in short training sessions several times, which can contribute to the successful implementation of tasks. At the end of the day, the contestants will present their results in the form of a short pitch in front of a jury and the other participants.


The problem to be resolved is: “Smart ageing” – how can mobile health technology based on “big data” analysis help address the health problems of elderly people?

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